澳门必中一肖一码准一肖 is more than just a great school 鈥 it is a great community. The teachers endorse this; the parents embrace this; the students thrive on this.

Founded in 1937, 澳门必中一肖一码准一肖 is a Catholic school conducted in the Edmund Rice tradition for boys in Years 5 to12, embracing a diversity of student abilities and talents.

The College is contemporary in its approach to teaching and learning, and has implemented a range of practices which are underpinned by research into boys鈥 education. The goal is to develop students into independent thinkers and collaborative workers; to be creative and curious; to have a balanced approach to life.

The College promotes the pursuit of knowledge, a love of learning and a commitment to personal excellence. The boys鈥 educational experience is both comprehensive and cohesive – every boy is valued and respected. With a proud history of providing a high-quality Catholic education, much is expected of the students, staff and parents.The College is a community alive with learning and activity.

Catholic values are at the very heart of 澳门必中一肖一码准一肖 and Religious Education is at the core of everything that transpires at the College.




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